mk_MAURUS2014in search of the missing pieces


actually I is another one but here I’m me, here I am: I make mixed media art, take pictures and build collages, assemblages, objects, sculptures, installations and sets. fundamentally, I work with lost and found things, try to explore the story behind and the core of them. so it’s about communicating a history may it be factual, hypothetical, or a reflection of myself and society.

to find out more you may have a look to my blog and work journal diary of things and for a selection of finished works the gallery of things, as an example for my photographic projects the site of runde sachen, and the video collage ein wunder sein (to be a miracle), originated in 2011 in cooperation with ceven knowles, is an example especially for my conceptual work.

I grew up in hildesheim, north-west germany, where I learned to love old stones and gained a deep insight into the german schrebergarten culture. after good times in hamburg, where I trained to be a trader and bookseller, I arrived at home in berlin, which is where my father’s family originates from. I’m continuously working in culture & media with words & figures for timetables, charts & drafts, concepts, compilations & evaluations, now as my own boss: in 2016 we opened LUDWIG: neukölln bar – venue – art space where I work among others as a curator. visit us here!

I’m a member of HvD (german humanistic association) and Förderverein der Gedenkstätte Sachsenhausen (friends of sachsenhausen memorial). you can follow me on facebook or my best friend jemand on instagram.

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