20.03.16 | deep slide into

when we have finished the transformation of that space, stuffed it with all the love we have for it, and with all the equipment and technical things they are necessary I know exactly what we do with and within it! not in a definite certainty but in intention:
it’s about to open the eyes and hearts for other perspectives to watch at things, our different lives and other beings also in a straight physical way, it’s about getting connections between the surface and the history behind of what it seems to be. there’s a reason why it is how it is – and it’s not bad! there isn’t only one truth, there are always lots of contradictions and travesties, everywhere, within everybody. and they are truly wonderful in its ambiguity, iridescent, happy is who can take them.
yes I know: less is more. but here I try to talk about the energy that let me build LUDWIG. we’ll see, I hope so.

maurus knowles20.03.16 | deep slide into

31.01.16 | jemand at ludwig

mk_JEMANDbeiLUDWIGjemand bei LUDWIG, meinem bisher mit abstand größtem projekt, zusammen mit ceven. seinet-, ludwigs wegen ist es hier auf meiner kunstseite gerade etwas still geworden.

maurus knowles31.01.16 | jemand at ludwig

19.11.15 | indian summer

wasn’t it beautiful again, the light and the colours? someone is looking forward to the next goldener oktober!

maurus knowles19.11.15 | indian summer