childsome #1 / kinderlich 1

26,5 x 39,5 x 9,5 cm | 2011/14


mk CHILDSOME1-2       mk CHILDSOME1-5mk CHILDSOME1-3       mk CHILDSOME1-4
mk CHILDSOME draftthe first, in its single pieces mostly unhitched version of this work (see photo on right) ‘played’ in home-made shelf of 16 old wooden boxes. now I wanted to have it as a fixed and seperated assemblage and on this occation some revisions and clarifications came along.
all parts are clearly identifiable excepting the thing on the right of the child: it’s a coil of a sewing machine with a black thread in it. the rusty nails comes from the box I built for body’n’brain.
I’m pretty sure it will be not the last box-assamblage on this subject, so I start to count.
with the german and english title I try to avoid the explicit romanticizing or derogatory connotations of the words kindlich and kindisch respectively childlike and childish. kinderlich was a neologism of my english native speaking husband I liked very much.

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maurus knowleschildsome #1 / kinderlich 1