60 x 110 cm | 2014


mk_CLASH total
CLASH  8934N233BE042365964 – various kinds of paper on wood, glued and multilayered coated with some different mixtures of wallpaper paste, deep sealer, spackle and dispersion paint – and a rusty spray can, in all made within only 6 six days.
I’m not sure if it needs a frame. perhaps purposely it should not have any. perhaps a frame it makes a shadow gap could be perfect. perhaps I’m sure only then, if I put it some day at an exactly right place the first time. anyhow, I think also the outer edges are more or less just as they should be.

mk_CLASH cutout 1       mk_CLASH cutout 2mk_CLASH cutout 4       mk_CLASH cutout 3mk_CLASH cutout 5       mk_CLASH cutout 6

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