to be a miracle / ein wunder sein

a video installation by ceven & maurus knowles | 2011/13


mk_BE A MIRACLE ensemble20 people of different genders, ages and sexual orientations talk about their understanding of love, their relationship and their life together with their lovers: what a luck they got or what a coincidence it was, in which way it is calming or countinously a challenge, how much work it is or if it’s a miracle that we both are a we.

15 questions are about time, security, closeness and the daily routine, about consistency, the necessity of change and the sureness to have a home with each other. one only hears the answers, all the questions are ommited. portraits of the couples complement the interview sequences. only at these 30 photos one can see the individuals as the couple they are a part of, in different ways just in front of the lens. all interviews were done as one-to-one talks.

deliberately made as an analog work and circa 2 hours long this video is intended as an infinite loop and almost continuously accompanied with acoustic impressions and music by nevec red like medit and songs of his album uncertain equinox.
produced in 2011 the project had its premiere in june 2011 over three days as a room installation with a strong contrast between theme and performing place: in the cellar room of a rear buildung in neukölln (photos above).

mk_MIRACLEpremiere01       mk_MIRACLEpremiere03mk_MIRACLEpremiere02       mk_MIRACLEpremiere05mk_MIRACLEpremiere04       mk_MIRACLEpremiere06

„there are these moments where I think is it a miracle
to be so long together, although it’s not a contest.
if it’s not long then it was anyhow beautiful and valuable.
it’s not a marathon. when it’s over, it’s over! but I think it is a miracle
that there could still be so much more to tell and give to each other through the years,
and that it’s still always exciting.
differently exciting than from the very beginning, totally different!
but I will never want to do without it again.“

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maurus knowlesto be a miracle / ein wunder sein