little lost head

330 cm | room installation | 2013


the title is correct but the story different. it was the oposite, the other way round: he – I found on the roadside and called him egon – he didn’t lose his head, he lose his body. my dog eat it, I only could save his head and I’m happy that I kept it. because as from now he is quite alive again.

little lost head is a room installation within an arrangement by different old mirrors in a chamber’s corner 330 cm total height. it’s the head of a litlle teddy bear with ca. 4 cm diameter. it floats 2m high and therefore it pivots on his selves slowly continuously, sometimes nearly impercetible. he is reflects his selves two or three times depending on your perspective. but everytime you can watch directly into his face. as said: he’s still alive.






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