set design for a music video | 2013


mk_LUSH shootingafter to be a miracle / ein wunder sein that work was my second opportunity to build a whole room, a set. it’s about the song LUSH by RUBY from her album WAITING FOR LIGHT, published in 2014, ceven knowles made the official video for (see below).

it was a very fast and intuitive work with a short preparation time of barely two days for idea and its realization.

first of all I used what was just there at the shooting location, the attic of a berliner tenement that was built in the first years of the 20th century: especially an old ktichen door of the house and a discarded sofa. with some additional furniture, curtains and a few different larger and smaller props – I really love to deal with tiny details – I tried to build a kind of a living room that has fallen out of time.

my works thinning / schütteres and spooned up / ausgelöffelt were also a part of the set and of course the light was an important point for me to consider: that room we are situated right now is just one part of a much bigger story.

in its entirety it should be a spatial-geographical and historic-temporal open space where the song of ruby can breathe. and yes, finally myself was a part of the set too, ceven needed ghosts.






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