ca. 190 x 31 x 24,5 cm | 2014


mk PUPATION 01       mk PUPATION 02       mk PUPATION 03mk PUPATION 04       mk PUPATION 05
at first pupation is an old fruit crate that hangs with its topside facing backward on the wall. if you come closer you can look through the crevices of the wooden strips and perceive a body with dangling arms and legs. it isn’t possible to apprehend that being in its entirety, you only can get different narrow segments when you change your perspective. no, there is no head. at least there is a little light from an invisible source in it. of course there is a cable, the energy must come from somewhere (the socket should be somewhere else). slag lays on the ground exactly under the position of the box. it proejcts its shape like a shadow or because the slag fell straight out of the box.
this work was finished as fast as I stroke on the idea for it, within a few days (besides I got more pieces of scoria from an old swedish ironwork a bit later) – although or precisely because the matter obviously is about a progress or standstill in a refuge or dungeon. the attic in the pictures above was the only option to arrange that work for the first time, a lucid white and empty room would be a good place for this room installation too.

while working on it:

mk PUPATION 0-a       mk PUPATION 0-b

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